What solutions for managing AI Risk?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising every sector of activity, offering unprecedented development opportunities for organisations. But like any technological revolution or new scientific advance, its use is not without risks... Only 35% of consumers have confidence in the way companies use

Navigating AI design with a new compass

Since 2021, the rise of AI models like the GPT series has drawn global attention to AI compliance, marking a period of international voluntary guidelines and binding regulations. This evolution requires a new design approach, highlighting Compliant-by-Design AI, which integrates

AI governance: best practices

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been deployed in virtually every sector of activity and has seen exponential growth in recent years. And while a new regulatory framework is beginning to take shape (with the forthcoming implementation of the AI Act, in

Naaia strengthens its solution to ensure organizations’ compliance with the AI Act

With the adoption of the AI Act, Naaia, the pioneering multi-regulations and multi-standard Artificial Intelligence Management System (AIMS), has announced the development of new features within its solution. They are part of Naaia's ambition to become the European benchmark solution

Naaia achieves CyberVadis’ platinum badge

Naaia has obtained on March 29th 2024 the prestigious Platinum badge by CyberVadis for the year 2024. This recognition comes as Naaia achieved an outstanding score of 956 out of 1000, affirming its commitment to excellence in cybersecurity practices.

What is an AIMS?

Predictive analytics, chatbots and virtual assistants, fraud pattern identification or inventory management... Involved in the transformation of all sectors, artificial intelligence (AI) offers considerable opportunities for innovation, operational efficiency and customer experience optimization. But the complexity, challenges and risks of

Prohibited AI Systems

The arrival of the AI Act will become a reality once it has been adopted on April 22. Final step before coming into force in the following weeks will be to get validation by the Council of the European Union.

The AI Act, first regulation on artificial intelligence

After several years of negotiations, the European Parliament is on the verge of adopting a historic text on artificial intelligence ("AI"). The AI Act (or European Regulation on Artificial Intelligence) becomes the first legislation in the world to regulate AI,

What is an AI system?

While it has been making headlines for many years, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly dominating the news. The technology is constantly evolving and AI systems are going to disrupt numerous sectors... To understand the implications of this technology, it is

Opportunities and Risks of AI

The wave of AI is sweeping across all domains. Making rapid progress, it abruptly opens the field of possibilities, offering remarkable transformative potential in the business world. At the business level, it reveals new operational modes, allows for rethinking decisions,