Naaia achieves CyberVadis’ platinum badge

Naaia Achieves CyberVadis’ 2024 Platinum Badge with Remarkable Score of 956 out of 1000


Naaia has obtained on March 29th 2024 the prestigious Platinum badge by CyberVadis for the year 2024. This recognition comes as Naaia achieved an outstanding score of 956 out of 1000, affirming its commitment to excellence in cybersecurity practices.


Naaia was rated Mature out of all 4 themes of cybersecurity & information protection : Identify, Protect, Detect, React with a full 1000 points for both the Detect & React pillars as well as for Business Continuity.

Average for rated companies is 661/1000.


CyberVadis is a cybersecurity assessment platform known for its rigorous evaluation methodology. It assesses companies’ cybersecurity postures based on various criteria, including data protection measures, network security, vulnerability management, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. CyberVadis leverages advanced algorithms and comprehensive analyses to provide organizations with an accurate assessment of their cybersecurity resilience.


Naaia’s attainment of the Platinum badge underscores its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity. By undergoing CyberVadis’ assessment and achieving such a remarkable score, Naaia demonstrates its proactive approach to mitigating cyber threats and safeguarding sensitive information.



Integrating CyberVadis’ evaluation into its strategy aligns seamlessly with Naaia’s overarching goal of offering compliant and secure solutions. By prioritizing cybersecurity excellence, Naaia not only enhances its own security posture but also instills trust and confidence in its clients.