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AI compliance risk   management

Naaia, Europe’s first AIMS® and leader in AI management solutions, transforms regulatory obligations into tangible actions and enables seamless AI compliance and risk management.


Naaia, value-driven
AI compliance

A platform vision for accelerated AI adoption

4 operational modules
and an LMS platform

Naaia Repository

Acts as a single repository of all your AI systems, including an inventory of the technical components and stakeholders associated with each AI System.

Naaia Assess

Qualifies AI systems according to key criteria including applicable regulations, operator status and level of risk.

Naaia Core

Turn obligations into actions by generating action plans for each AI system and providing Templates to respond to them.

Naaia Event Tracker

Enables internal and external stakeholders to stay informed and monitor all events related to the lifecyle of the AI systems.

Naaia Learning

Train your teams in AI, compliance and the use of the Naaia platform, thus meeting the "AI Literacy" requirement.


A one-of-a-kind operational model for AI compliance and risk management

Modèle opérationnel

End-to-end platform

Always up to date

Toujours à jour



Trusted Solution

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