A solution
AI governance

Naaia is a trustworthy solution for governance of AI systems at all key stages and for all the players: research and development, implementation of uses and marketing

A {global, interoperable, complete, unique} solution
AI governance

Businesses, public sector, education, domestic sphere, security, healthcare systems and products, finance, energy, the food industry…

naaia is a SAAS solution composed of four functional modules

  • The  [operator/AI system] Classification
  • Documentation [Traceability and Explicability] throughout the life-cycle of AI system
  • Post-marketing monitoring [Risk management & monitoring].
  • Periodic Training

Monitor and promote strategic
and operational

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Mapping your AI systems

Identify and master the scope of AI systems in the organization:
- AI systems under development
- Implemented AI systems
- Marketed AI systems

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Qualify your AI systems

Make sure you're always at the right level based on your operator and product classifications with naaia's classification engine.

Document the

and prevent risks

While waiting for the obligations to come into force, prepare yourself and commit the company to the path of compliance.

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Master your AI systems’ conformity

Make sure your AI systems comply with current standards (European Union, United States, Canada, China...) and make sure you're always up to date.

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Manage your AI systems

Supervise all events in the life-cycle of AI systems and monitor risks, modifications, malfunctioning - to be able to make the right decisions.

the performance

and prevent risks to your AI systems

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Monitor your AI systems

Define your performance indicators according to your objectives, and monitor them so you can adapt your projects and strategy.

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Train your teams and AI systems' users

Train your employees and AI systems’ users to onboard them to ensure acceptability of AI systems.

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naaia an enhanced value-based solution strong increased values

naaia is a SaaS platform designed to support all managerial functions applied in a regulated environment, making reliable and accelerating the value created by AI systems as part of a trustworthy operational solution.

  • Support artificial intelligence systems engineering
  • Accelerate value creation without ethic or compliance compromise
  • Make artificial intelligence more reliable and secure
  • Develop a more trustworthy artificial intelligence
  • Contribute to human control

naaia integrates your API strategy

naaia integrates your API strategy
naaia can interface via API with most all tools on the market to facilitate the tasks of your employees and integrate naaia’s functionalities to serve business.
The naaia development team remains at your disposal to build tailored APIs.

  • Azure
  • GitLab
  • GitHub
  • Teams
  • Slackware
  • SageMaker
  • SalesForce
  • SAP
  • Jira
  • Vertex
  • Confluence